Friday, July 21, 2017 This Week's Paper

Camille Bloom and the Recovery

// `Never out of Time`

Camille Bloom has shared the stage with notable acts ranging from Mike McCready of Pearl Jam to singer/songwriter Matt Costa, become a regular performer at Mandolin Café and Jazzbones, and has played in some of the most storied venues throughout eight countries.

Camille Bloom and the Recovery is back with the 11-track album “Never Out of Time,” filled with her signature music with a message. The former teacher draws on her past experiences in education to write carefully-crafted songs with poignant lyrics. The result is an album filled with smooth vocals, edgy guitar that keeps a decent pace without losing steam.

Bloom’s band is comprised of Gaelen B. (backing vocals), Danny Godinez (guitar), Michael Cotta (drums), Jim Watkins (bass) and Jessica Kitzman (cello).

The first track, “Just Because I’m a Friend” kicks off the album with powerful, passionate vocals and honest lyrics. “Just because I’m a friend, I’m gonna say this again and again/ Known you too long to pretend that I’m not at my wit’s end/ I don’t have more time to spend so I hope you play this again and again until you get it/ It’s not too late, if you start today.”

“You Still Fall Down” slows the pace and takes on more of a folk tale that takes on a nearly dream-like quality. “He thinks he’d die for her but really it’s a dream/ He’s in denial of her – and nothing’s what it seems but/ No matter what the price, he’d rather pay the fee/ He’ll chase her for eternity.”

The album overall provides excellent background music, but with Bloom’s clear songwriting talents, paying closer attention to the meanings behind each track will be rewarding to most fans of acoustic folk/rock.

When she’s not touring, Bloom shares her songwriting talents with students in a number of inspirational and informative workshops. Her workshops cover topics ranging from songwriting to how to succeed in the music industry by booking shows, creating press kits and promoting shows.

With vocals and a musical style similar to pop phenom Pink, Camille Bloom and The Recovery’s “Never Out of Time” is an easy listen for fans of feisty folk rock. For more information about Bloom, visit