Friday, July 28, 2017 This Week's Paper

Buy An Empty Bowl, Fill One For Your Neighbor

// EFN Fundraiser an Easy Way to Donate with High Impact

With the need for food on the rise (as described in this week’s cover story “Flow of food is keeping up with flood of demand – for now”), it has become more important than ever to donate whenever possible.

This weekend, EFN is making it easy to get involved by hosting their second largest fundraiser of the year. The Empty Bowls fundraiser has been held for the past several years, and the event has always helped contribute a few thousand dollars to the EFN, which supplies more than 65 local food banks with healthy staples.

Last year, EFN actually took over operation of the fundraiser, allowing for an even bigger Empty Bowls and more food for those who need it.

In 2010, the Empty Bowls fundraiser netted $16,000 compared to the previous year’s $3,000.

This year, organizers hope to generate even more funds to meet the ever-increasing demand for food.

“Keeping the pace with the demand in this economy has been super challenging,” said Jeff Klein, development director and event organizer for EFN.

He said the need for food this year is up about 18 million pounds from last year.

“We can’t purchase food without fundraisers like this.”

The Empty Bowls event is free, and will showcase more than 1,200 handmade artisan bowls crafted by local artists. The bowls are for sale starting at $10, and anyone who purchases a bowl can enjoy a free bowl of soup from a handful of local restaurants, including Infinite Soups, The Swiss, Pacific Grill, Asado and more.

“Empty Bowls is something anyone can participate in regardless of income… as opposed to a more expensive fundraising event, like an auction,” Klein said. “This is something that people can come to, and they can buy something really, really nice, give as a gift and say ‘by the way, when I purchased this I helped feed hungry people in Pierce County.’”

The night before Empty Bowls, EFN is also hosting its first juried art show “Vessels” to kick off the fundraiser. This event is a little higher-priced, but will hopefully bring in even more of the needed dollars to support Pierce County’s hungry families.

Vessels begins at 6:30 p.m. on Nov. 18, and will feature glass, ceramic and wood vessels to be judged and then auctioned off. The event is $25 and includes wine and appetizers.

Empty Bowls takes place from 1-4 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 19 at Charles Wright Academy, 7723 Chambers Creek Rd. W.