Wednesday, June 28, 2017 This Week's Paper

Browse and buy

On this first day of spring – Sunday, March 20 – take a walk or a drive along 6th Avenue and see what’s going on beneath the banners at Studio 6 Ballroom (2608 6th Ave.). That will be the day for the return of the Junktastic Sunday Market from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Outside the studio, the sidewalk will be decorated for the event with a few enticements for what’s inside. Walking through the door, customers will not see a ballroom, but an attractive and well done marketplace selling originally made art pieces and one-of-a-kind items crafted by local people. There will also be plenty of vintage and antique vendors selling everything from furniture to household décor.

Deidre Perez Norris is the one-woman organizer behind the market, which she launched last year on an every-Sunday schedule. It was a big success, but a lot for one person to take on week after week. So this year, the market will be open on five Sundays – March 20, May 1, July 10 (Art on the Ave), Oct. 2 and Dec. 4. Mark your calendars now.

Perez Norris said she hopes the first day of spring lives up to its name in the blue skies department. “I’ll be praying that the weather is nice,” she said. “Last year it snowed the first day.” But rain or shine the market will go on, providing a warm and dry place for customers to shop.

The best thing about the Junktastic Market is that it is all local stuff made by local people. “I want everything to be handmade,” Perez Norris said, praising the photos she’s received this year with vendors’ applications. “The pictures that I’m getting of what some of these crafters can do are amazing. I have one vendor who makes everything out of duct tape – purses, flowers, wallets.” 

This month’s market will also include jewelry makers, crocheted items, “junkers” who make all kinds of things through up-cycling, a vendor who makes aprons from re-purposed material, and another who makes clothing accessories for kids. “I always try to have vendors that appeal to children.”

A “junker” herself, Perez Norris will be selling her handiwork as well.

One of her specialties is making planters and garden art from found items or items she’s discovered at second-hand shops and made new again.

Local businesses will be selling as well such as Vanity Fashion Boutique (3903 6th Ave.), which will be selling vintage furniture and household items. “It’s nice to get local businesses involved,” Perez Norris said, especially for independent businesses located away from 6th Avenue to have the opportunity to sell in a new part of town.

Another attractive quality about Perez Norris’ market is its presentation. “Presentation is everything. I’m very into that. It’s not just a bunch of tables slapped together.” Instead, vendors create their own unique little areas. “I go all out with mine,” Perez Norris said. “I actually put together a room…and pile all the way up to the ceiling. That’s what I’ve learned being a vendor – you have to stack.

“The people who came last year loved it.”

Don’t let the word “junk” in Junktastic scare you – the goods featured in this market are anything but “junk.” Perez Norris says to read “junk” as meaning “a little of this and a little of that. None of it is junk – it’s gorgeous items made by the vendors.”

She has vendors signed up for the rest of the year, so each time the market is open there will be something different.

Parking is free with no time limits and available on side-streets around the neighborhood. Remember that some vendors can take cash, checks debit and credit cards, while others can take only cash.

Perez Norris is still seeking vendors for this year’s market schedule, but jewelry makers need not apply as Junktastic is already stocked with such wearbles.

“I’m looking for pottery makers, junkers, people who do shabby chic, vintage and collectibles, and more art to display… Something very unique and one of a kind – that’s what I’m all about. I don’t want you to go in and see all cookie-cutter stuff. I want you to say, ‘wow.’”

Costs for vendors is minimal. An inside space 6’x8’ costs $25, an indoor 10’x10’ space is $35, and a 10’x10’ outdoor space is $45. With Art on the Ave on July 10, vendors are already reserving their spot for that high-traffic event. A 6’x8’ indoor space for Art on the Ave is $35 and a 10’x10’ indoor space is $45 – all outdoor spaces are already reserved. All interested vendors are asked to send photos of their work to Perez Norris at