Wednesday, June 28, 2017 This Week's Paper

Boat builders unite at Maritime Festival

Boatbuilding is an art. Commencement Bay Maritime Festival organizers are hosting an event to make sure it does not become a lost art.

The eighth annual Quick and Dirty Boat Building Competition will be held Aug. 25, and will let everyone try their hands at making stuff that floats just in time to put their crafts in the water for the main Commencement Bay Maritime Festival. The Quick and Dirty challenge pits boat builders from around the area in a competition using limited time and resources. All builders must use a “mystery material” in their craft and then race it around a course to test its ability to float and its handling on the water.

In a spirit of fun and cheap laughs, teams are encouraged to dress up and be creative. Costumes range from pirate outfits to tutus and combat boots. Boats are no less eccentric. The mystery material will be supplied to each team at the start of the competition. Teams will be judged on how they use this material in the construction/decoration of their boat.

When the boats are completed, there is an exuberant parade down to the beach. At the waterway, the event continues with a 100-meter boat race. At least two people are required to paddle the boat, although winning the race (or even staying afloat) is not the only priority for contestants. The boats are judged on race finish place, originality, quality of construction, seaworthiness and people’s choice, among others.

There are 11 teams signed up to compete this year, assuring plenty of chaos.

Proceeds go to the Youth Marine Foundation. The contest is a fun and enjoyable event for all parties involved and lets the public see what can be done with a little wood, a little glue and a lot of imagination.

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