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Be Well inside & out

// Soothe your mind, body and spirit at Studio Hot Yoga & Wellness

Lakewood’s Studio Hot Yoga & Wellness has found a niche in providing a holistic approach to wellness by providing sessions on mind, body and spiritual health. Classes include various types of yoga, functional fitness, strength, nutrition and dance through personal training and wellness programs as well as group classes for all ages and abilities.

In hot yoga, positions are done in a heated environment that enhances overall health. The primary benefit of practicing heated yoga is to warm the body and muscles more deeply than you would be able to in a non-heated environment. Practitioners say that warm muscles enable deeper stretching with less risk of injury. The heat also boosts the immune system and reduces inflammation as well as promotes rest, helps relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety, increases mental focus and clarity and improves flexibility.

In addition to the physical conditioning the studio provides, instructors focus on nutrition as a way to alleviate medical conditions.

“Food is medicine for the body,” said owner Glenda M. Shepard, an ARNP and Functional Lifestyle Practitioner with 30 years of training to her credit. “It provides a good foundation.”

Tips to getting the most out of your yoga session:

Arrive early: Arriving to class about 10 to 15 minutes early will ensure that you have time to sign in and settle in on your mat without feeling rushed. Having a few extra minutes will allow you to take a few deep breaths and set an intention for your session.

Stay hydrated: You want to arrive to class hydrated. The best time to hydrate is before class. Avoid large gulps of cold water during class as they may cause cramping. Follow up class with plenty of water or coconut water or a diluted electrolyte replacement drink. A banana or cup of orange juice may help.

Refrain from eating before class: Practicing on a full stomach could be uncomfortable and you may experience cramps or nausea especially during twists.

Leave your stuff behind: The yoga room is considered a sanctuary and, because of that, yoga students are asked to not bring shoes, cell phone and other belongings inside the yoga room.

Communicate injuries or conditions: Let the instructor know if you have any injuries or conditions that could affect your practice. If you are rehabilitating an injury, feel a little under the weather or tired, skip poses you can't or shouldn't do, or modify.

Be respectful: Having an extended or loud conversation can be distracting to others. Acknowledge friends and acquaintances quietly, knowing that you can catch up after class.

Bring a towel, water and mat: Studio Hot Yoga has mats and towels for rent and water for purchase. If you’re committed to a regular yoga practice, purchase a high quality mat made for the heat.

Embrace the sweat: Yes, you are going to sweat, a lot, especially during hot yoga sessions. While it’s tempting to wipe it away, it is helping your body cool down. Wiping the sweat away may make you feel hotter. Listen to your body: Stay centered and focused on your own mat and don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. Modify and rest as needed. You'll go farther faster if you have patience with yourself and work from where you are, not from where you think you should be.

Studio Hot Yoga and Wellness is located at 7504 86th St. SW,

Lakewood, WA 98498. Call (253) 582-2244 or e-mail