Tuesday, June 27, 2017 This Week's Paper

B2 Gallery shows works by Foundation of Art Award nominees

Tacoma’s B2 Gallery is currently hosting a show of work with contributions from each of the 40 artists that have been nominated to receive the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation’s Foundation of Art Award. The organization has given the award for the last five years in order to recognize the essential role that art and culture have in building a vibrant community and to honor professional artists living and working in the region. See spectacular works by past winners Chris Sharp, Jeremy Mangan, Lisa Kinoshita, Jessica Spring and Oliver Doriss. Among the list of award nominees is the amazing Sean Alexander whose drawing of a cosmic duck, called “Box Headed Worrier,” is a beautiful example of his complex, detailed and dazzling style. The show also features a whole barrage of works by Lynn Di Nino, Tacoma’s artistic dynamo. These prescient pieces feature Hostess Twinkies, Sno Balls and Cupcakes in assemblages of found objects. The detritus of consumerist culture is transformed into plastic reliquaries of unholy idols. There are many highlights such as Holly’s Senn’s paper beehive and one of Elise Richman’s slippery, bumpy oil slick paintings. There is a Toot Reid quilted diptych, one of Jeremy Gregory’s puppet dioramas, one of Kyle Dillehay’s metal-caged hunks of mossy earth, and much, much more. B2 is one of the best things to happen lately in Tacoma’s shrinking visual arts universe. The show runs through Dec. 28. For further information visit