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Ask the Herbalist

Could you recommend herbs that may help with headaches? Thanks,

Danielle B., Tacoma

There are several herbs that help ease headaches. For pain relief, Witch Hazel and Meadowsweet are herbs that you can take as teas, or in capsule form for fast, short-term relief. If you suffer from migraines, Feverfew is a well-known remedy found in teas, tinctures and capsules.

I get a lot of colds in the winter and feel run down. Are there herbs that can help me prevent with this? Steven W., University Place

Sounds like you may want to try immune enhancing herbs, especially during the colder, damp months in winter. Get plenty of rest, stay hydrated and eat your chicken soup – it really does work! Herbs like Echinacea can be taken for short-term periods – two weeks or so – while you are fighting a cold. To help prevent colds (along with taking proper care of oneself), herbs like Astragalus are long-term, nutritious and immune building. Drink it as a great tasting tea or take in a capsule formula.

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