Monday, June 26, 2017 This Week's Paper

Arts & Entertainment: Work by young artists on display at fairgrounds

The creativity of students at several Tacoma schools is on display during the Puyallup Fair’s annual Junior/Senior High School Art Show.

Catherine Tran of Bellarmine Preparatory School offers the chalk pastel drawing “Hot House.” It depicts the interior of a home, with a window in the middle. Flames are coming up from the floor, thus the title.

Tatiana Amundsen of Bellarmine provides a spiritual scene in the tempera painting “Heightened State.” It depicts a woman on her knees praying. She is on a floor with a checkerboard design in yellow, red and orange. Above hang curtains in checkerboard patterns of blue and orange and black, yellow and purple.

In her watercolor painting “Tide Flats,” Mary Kate Lester of Bellarmine depicts what Commencement Bay looked like prior to the arrival of industry. There are no shipping terminals or factories in this piece, which has pastel blue as the primary color with purple accents. In the foreground is some brown vegetation.

“Tropical Bloom” is an ink drawing by Lauren Nelson of Meeker Middle School. A flower is made of dots of pink, orange and red. The background is white with blue dots. It is framed in a pink border and a blue border.

Arianna M. Westmark of Meeker uses a similar technique in her ink drawing “Blue Hawaii.” It depicts a flower of blue and green dots.

Vanessa Adams of Meeker did a good job capturing the Jack Nicholson Joker character from the “Batman” movie in her charcoal drawing “What’s So Funny?” He has beady eyes and a grotesque smile.

Anya Evans-Scournski of Bellarmine captured the glass art in the shallow pool outside Museum of Glass in the laser print “Moment of Reflection.” She also has a photograph of the adjacent Chihuly Bridge of Glass titled “Cold Spell.” It is of the two blue plastic objects on the structure.

Brandon Porras of Bellarmine examines a serious topic in his photograph “Abuse.” It depicts a young man sitting on the floor, a bottle of booze in front of him. His face is blurred by a bright line running through the middle of the photo, recreating on film the blurred memory on someone in a drinking binge.

Phoebe Elizaga of Meeker Middle School went back to the 1960s for the inspiration for her charcoal drawing “Twiggy.” She depicts the famous British model with short hair, heavy mascara and a sweater with a snowflake design.

The most cleverly titled piece in the exhibit belongs to Alicia Sessler of Bellarmine. “Truncated” is a tempera painting of a blue elephant’s head. Its trunk is sliced into pieces.

“Spawn” by Alexis Harroun of Bellarmine is a watercolor painting of pink and yellow salmon swimming about.

“Tropics” by Sommer Hallquist of Bellarmine is a tempera painting of a green parrot amid many wild, brightly colored geometric shapes.

“Panda Life” by Dalton Faker of Concordia Lutheran School is a linocut depicting a mother panda with a cub in a bamboo forest.

The show runs through the final day of the fair, Sept. 23.