Saturday, July 22, 2017 This Week's Paper

Arts & Entertainment: Hear South Sound sounds on ‘Music You Don’t Have, But Should’

"Music You Don't Have, But Should" will be presenting a special episode on July 21 featuring independent musicians and bands from the South Sound region, including some names that are familiar in Tacoma. The show has played Tacoma-based artists, such as Nate Dybevik, Alan Barttels, Perry Acker, and Ben Union on earlier episodes, but this episode highlights acts who haven't been on "Music You Don't Have, But Should" before. Some of the artists featured on the Tacoma edition of the show are folk sensation Tommy Dean, Midnight Salvage Company, Rick Gonzalez, as well as more "music you don't have, but should."
"Music You Don't Have, But Should" has more than 30 episodes in its archives, and there are also alphabetical pages at the website to directly link to every musician and band that has ever been on the show.

Listen to the South Sound/Tacoma episode of "Music You Don't Have, But Should" at at 8 p.m. or catch it later in the archives. You can also subscribe to the show via iTunes, Stitcher, and The show is hosted by local producer/musician Andy Hall and is a production of South Sound Audio.