Tuesday, June 27, 2017 This Week's Paper

Arts & Entertainment: Bursting Tacoma’s bubble: Party at New Frontier Lounge poke fun at hipsters

The biggest buzz surrounding the Camp 666 Awesome Party is about the debut of “Tacoma's most enigmatic band,” Scooterhorsey. Event organizer Joe Korbuszewski is reluctant to say much about the group he'll unveil at the New Frontier Lounge on Friday, Dec. 14. He provides a roster: Tacoma's top hipster Gregory Red sings and recites poetry; Juicy Garibaldi does programming; and some guy named the Charm is on drums. And he provides the band's obscure musical genre, “8-bit glitch-pop.” “There is actually a cassette tape and there is real music on it, and it's 8-bit music,” Korbuszewski says.
All very cryptic. But Gregory Red? Scooterhorsey? Those names will sound strangely familiar to anyone who has followed Tacoma's indie-rock scene for very long. And anyone who has followed Korbuszewski's Camp 666 blog knows there is a blog punchline coming Friday night.

His blog's name is a riff on Tacoma fashion and culture site Camp 6, from before it was renamed the Camp ( And since March, Korbuszewski and blog co-founder Ryan Lowry have used their platform to satirize Tacoma music, art and – above all – hipsters. “We were kind of looking around at all the stuff going on in Tacoma,” Korbuszewski says. “And we were feeling like people were taking themselves really seriously with everything. … A lot of people here get a big fish in a small pond mentality. We wanted something that was going to be humorous and kind of poke people a little bit and say don't take everything so seriously.” Among Camp 666's targets these first eight months: Local mega-churches, Instagram junkies and “ironic” hipster fashion.

“There is nothing worse than someone who is so completely uncreative that they wear new styles,” writes contributor Sloane Peterson. “You know the type; people who wear ironic wolf t-shirts from Urban Outfitters instead of Goodwill. Disgusting.” “I think at the beginning it rubbed people the wrong way,” Korbuszewski says. “I've kind of gone out of my way to make sure I'm not directly affronting local people. But a lot of the blogs in Tacoma are very, very serious. Where is everybody with the ability to laugh at our city?” Along with Scooterhorsey, Friday night's bill will also include the less enigmatic Mahnhammer and Cody Foster Army. There will be a premier for local film, “And My Head Explodes, Episode Two.” And there will be a raffle for a date with Tacoma's most eligible bachelor, local bartender Alex Henderson. The fun starts at 8 p.m.