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NAM Miss Washington Princess kickstarts Charlie’s Dinosaur donation drive

DONATE. Bella Baker donated the school supplies to Charlie's Dinosaur on Monday, Aug. 22.

When 6-Year old Bella Baker was crowned NAM Miss Washington Princess over 33 other competitors last weekend, she had a decision to make. Every competitor had to bring school supplies to enter the competition and the winner would get to donate them all to a charity of their choice, on behalf of National American Miss. Luckily for Bella, she knew just the one, Tacoma Mainstay Charlie’s Dinosaur.

Charlie’s Dinosaur is a non-profit organization established in 2012 after the tragic death of Charlie and Braden Powell at their father’s hand. started by five Pierce County Detectives (including Ed Troyer, Baker’s grandfather,) to gather materials to help children moving out of abuse… Read More

Skateboarder who found a way into the system may help change it

By Larry LaRue

The 2012 Masters degree Ben Warner earned at the University of Washington-Tacoma was in Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences.
“They didn't have a program called ‘skateboarding,’” Warner deadpanned.
Now 32, Warner has always lived in Tacoma, and skateboarded as long as he can remember. The city raised him, from school mentors to the Boys and Girls Club he hung out in as a kid.Read More

Click committee differs on ways to pay for ‘all in’ expansion

A group tasked with developing a business plan for the municipally owned Click Network emerged at a joint study session of the Tacoma Public Utilities Board and the Tacoma City Council to present its conclusion. The committee met behind closed doors for the last five months and presented its work… Read More



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Pothole Pig
Editorial Cartoon

Take the ‘I Love the ‘90s’ trivia challenge

Published in the Tacoma Weekly

The “I Love the '90s” tour will take over the Tacoma Dome on Friday, Aug. 26. A lot of you will be there, but we're wondering how much you really love and remember '90s pop music. Take our quiz, and then check your answers over here. (Also, click… Read More

Tone Lōc
Tacoma loved the ‘90s (photos)

Tacoma's Gen-Xers took a stroll down memory lane Friday night as the I Love the '90s tour took over the Tacoma Dome. They “Pushed It” with Salt-N-Pepa. They “Busted a Move” with Young MC, and they did the “Wild Thing” with Tone Lōc. (Well, not literally, presumably.) Click the gallery to revisit some of what Tacoma Weekly photographer Bill Bungard saw. Plus, you wanna know how all those… Read More

CLOSE OUT. Guillermo Heredia snags another stolen base. A day later, he was called back up to the Seattle Mariners.

Magical season rolls on for Tacoma Rainiers

By Justin Gimse

Oh what a season it has been for the Tacoma Rainiers. With just 13 games remaining on the regular season schedule, the boys of Cheney Stadium are on the cusp of pulling off a rarity in any sport, and at any level. Back on April 7 when the season was brand spanking new, the Rainiers defeated Albuquerque by a score of 6-5. Following the game, Tacoma found itself on top of the Pacific Coast League… Read More


When I first met Meg deGravelles last year, it began with a big smile and a firm handshake. Her rugby team, the Tacoma Sirens, had just wrapped up a match and Meg was thrilled to see some media out at their home turf at the Portland Ave. Playfields. The Tacoma Weekly followed with a well-received… Read More

FAMILY MATTERS. Kodiak Electric founder and owner Dan Peterson (right) and son Geoff work together to give customers top-notch service even after the work is done.

It’s just business: Entrepreneur turns crisis into opportunity

By William Manzanares

When the U.S. economy began taking a serious nosedive in 2007, the repercussions on businesses were felt coast to coast – not the ideal time to launch a new company. However, the most successful entrepreneurs know that the time is right to start a business when the necessity is there, not always when the time is right. You just have to get up and do it and that’s just what Dan Peterson did when… Read More


Email etiquette. Nowadays, a vast amount of our business communication happens in the realm of electronic mail. And often, we never even get a chance to meet face to face with the people we email. That's why it's so important that we realize it's not only the words we write in emails that matter,… Read More

Our view: Do your part to educate our kids

Summer is ending and back-to-school bells are primed to ring. Some of those students returning to classrooms won’t have all the materials they need without your help.
Far too many students will lack the basic school supplies needed on the first day of school. Communities In Schools of Tacoma,… Read More