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Local officials briefed as tempo shifts at JBLM

TRAINING. Soldiers and airmen at Joint Base Lewis-McChord are shifting to a sustained-readiness model that means constant training and shorter deployments.

Elected officials from around Pierce County received a snapshot briefing from Joint Base Lewis-McChord's top brass so they could better understand operations at the Army-Air Force installation as well as understand the challenges and projects ahead.
Any news about JBLM is big news since the combined Army and Air Force Base not only represents more than 50,000 military personnel but more than $3.3 billion in local paychecks and annual purchases that require coordination with state, county and local officials especially since the number of veterans settling in surrounding communities is on the rise. About half of military personnel who retired from JBLM in 2013 remained in the region.… Read More

GIVING. One of the area’s most popular fundraising events, Empty Bowls make is possible for people of all ages and incomes to give a helping hand to those who need it most.

Empty Bowls event fills bowls of neighbors in need

Published in the Tacoma Weekly

The line starts forming an hour before the doors open. That’s when the search for the “best” bowls begins. Preference, of course, is relative. One person might grab a bowl donated by Throwing Mud Gallery, and another person chooses a bowl made and donated by a local artist at the Washington State Fair. Once selections are made and paid for, with all proceeds going to Emergency Food Network… Read More

Creative Colloquy’s Jackie Casella

Jackie Casella is a creative bartender with a literary bent, and management of the Brix 25 in Gig Harbor is wise enough to take advantage.
“Here's one – I call it 'To the Lighthouse,'” Casella said. “You use scotch, Earl Gray-infused honey, Fernet Branca, Velvet Falernum and an orange… Read More


Specials & Guides Image
Pothole Pig
Editorial Cartoon
WONDERFUL. (L to R) Tracy Pinero (Ma Bailey), Ben Stahl (George), Brittany Griffins (Mary), Jeremy Thompson (Uncle Billy) from the Lakewood Playhouse Production of “It’s A Wonderful Life”

American holiday classic lands ‘wonderfully’ from screen to stage

By Steve Dunkelberger

The usual trajectory of a work of fiction is that it enters the world as a book than then becomes a play, followed by a version taking to the silver screen.
Frank Capra’s “It’s a Wonderful Life” bucked that trend by jumping straight to movie theaters in 1946 from Philip Van Doren Stern’s short story “The Greatest Gift” and then to radio plays that were followed by stage versions.… Read More

SKEPTIC. Kris Kringle (Michael Dresdner) and Susan (Abbie Wachter) play a scene in Tacoma Little Theatre’s “Miracle on 34th Street,” which runs through Dec. 25.
“Miracle on 34th Street”

If you really believe, anything can happen! That's the motto of Tacoma Little Theater's production of “Miracle on 34th Street” directed by Maria Valenzuela and inspired by the 1947 movie.
Before the play begins, the cast is greets the audience with cheerful carols in the lobby as people gather to enjoy specialty drinks like “Santa's Milk” – just the right thing to get toasty with… Read More

MEAN GREEN. Junior quarterback Aaron Swazer and the Foss Falcons didn't exactly set the 2A SPSL on fire this season, but they got better. By season's end they had put several of their new league opponents to the test.

New beginnings for Henry Foss

By Justin Gimse

When the new Washington Interscholastic Activities Association enrollment numbers came out late in January of last school year, there was a bit of surprise and grumblings emanating from the center of Tacoma. After crunching their numbers over the previous years, the WIAA issued a net enrollment number for each school and the result could very well move a high school into a higher or lower state… Read More

Lady Abes turn up pressure for win

When you roll into a season-opening basketball game and leave a couple of hours later feeling as though you just witnessed a playoff showdown, it’s safe to say that you’re off to a good start. As has been the case in recent years, the Lincoln Lady Abes have made it a practice of scheduling historically… Read More

Little trainees (from left) Isaiah, William, Dorian, Isabella and Amelliah now have had their first taste of the working world and loved it.

It’s Just Business

By Matt Nagle

As a lifelong entrepreneur, it is no secret that William Manzanares has a passion for business. This, of course, includes working for success for himself and his employees but there are others out in the broader community that he also wants to help succeed – the youth.
“Mentoring our young people is actually what I feel is my true calling,” he said. “It takes me back to when I was… Read More

Be Well - Inside & Out

Rainier Medical is a weight loss and wellness clinic originally opened by Dr. Valerie Sutherland MD in University Place. Sutherland, along with her team of health and wellness professionals, have helped community members all across the Puget Sound to loose 11,100 pounds among all their patients and… Read More

Our view: 2016: A Year in Words

Words have more impact than just the sum of letters added together to form them. Trunks of secondary meanings and connotations are packed into the simplest of terms to define larger concepts or periods of time.
Word jockeys use specific words to play off those larger meanings or coin new… Read More