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Protesters arrested at LNG site

LNG. Protesters who chained themselves to construction equipment waved to their supporters who were waving signs outside the fence line of the site.

Six protesters connected to the Tacoma Direct Action were arrested Wednesday morning, May 17, after they reportedly chained themselves to construction equipment at the construction site of Puget Sound Energy’s 8 million gallon liquefied natural gas facility at the corner of East 11th Street and Alexander Avenue East on the Tideflats.
The protesters were booked into Pierce County Jail on charges of malicious mischief in the first degree, criminal trespass in the first degree and obstruction in the first degree, Tacoma Police Department spokeswoman Loretta Cool said. All are felonies. They are not being identified because they have not been formally charged for what organizers called… Read More

WEAVING. Artists work six days a week (weather permitting) on “Working Forward, Weaving Anew.” When completed, the mural will be one of five works of art along the Prairie Line Trail.

New Mural Weaves History Into Art

By Daniel Beers For the Tacoma Weekly

Work has begun on a 19,200-square-foot mural on the 7 Seas Brewery building along Jefferson Avenue in downtown Tacoma. Funded by a Heritage Capital Projects Fund Grant awarded to the city by the Washington State Heritage Society, the mural, “Working Forward, Weaving Anew,” will be one of five artworks to be on display along the Prairie Line Trail.
Headed up by artists Esteban Camacho Steffensen… Read More

City, port start talks for Tideflats review

Tacoma City Council and the Port of Tacoma Commission passed separate resolutions last week that outline the process of conducting a multi-year review of planning and zoning rules for the Tideflats known as a subarea plan.
The process will cost about $1 million, which will be split between the… Read More


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Pothole Pig
Editorial Cartoon
SUNDAY MORNING FEVER. TMP’s “Sister Act, the Musical” is blessed with a big ensemble that makes for elaborate dance numbers. TMP’s “Sister Act, the Musical” is blessed with a big ensemble that makes for elaborate d

TMP’s ‘Sister Act’ is sonically and scenically sensational

By Dave R. Davison

“Sister Act, the Musical” looks like a social experiment to find out what happens when a disco diva and a group of nuns are forced together for a time span sufficient for some form of cultural chemistry to take place. The diva is a talented singer but desires nothing but fame and fortune. The nuns can’t sing, but they find value in lives of selfless spirituality. The result, of course, is… Read More

“SNL” star Tim Meadows returns to Tacoma

Tim Meadows became a household name during his 1990s tenure on NBC-TV's “Saturday Night Live” thanks largely to the Ladies Man, his character who gave salacious love tips no one would follow unless they'd just downed a bottle of Corvoisier.
Since then, Meadows has popped up in a variety of films and TV shows, from “Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story” to ABC-TV's “The Goldbergs.” Next… Read More

GUT PUNCHED. Stadium senior Logan Barker makes his move against Shelton in the 3A district tournament. Barker was taken down in the state tournament first round match on a breakaway, that went uncalled.


By Justin Gimse

When it comes to any sort of sporting endeavor, there is nothing more difficult for a team than running the table for a perfect season and taking home the championship trophy. Many in the business believe a loss or two during the season can be advantageous for a quality team in the postseason. The taste of a loss can often fuel a fire inside and make a squad perform even a little bit better.

Read More


The Sounders U23 2017 PDL season kicks off this Friday May 19, at Bonney Lake high school versus the Portland Timbers U23 team at 7:30 p.m. With a quick turnaround, the young guns in green will face the defending NW Division and… Read More


It’s Just Business: Serial entrepreneur looks for new challenge

By William Manzanares

I write often about the dream of business ownership and the challenges of operating businesses. I have also written about mentorship and giving back to the community. So here is my newest challenge for readers to help me find a business that needs help to get off the ground. Do you or do you know someone who really has a good business idea but doesn’t have the right people to make the idea a reality?… Read More

‘Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood’ by Trevor Noah

Hands down one of the best books by Trevor Noah, host of the “Daily Show.” “Born a Crime” tells the stories of his younger life growing up in South Africa born of a white father and black mother, which was a crime in those days. I have to admit I listened to the book on Audible and that is… Read More

Our view: Start of Tideflats talks isn’t promising

It is good to see that the City of Tacoma and the Port of Tacoma have finally recognized the obvious.
The zoning rules and activities on the 2,400 acres of Tacoma Tideflats need a thorough and public review so that all sides have a shared vision, or at least an understanding, of the role… Read More