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Northwest Detention Center: inside the fence

PRISTINE. The halls, common areas and detention pods at the Northwest Detention Center were surprisingly quiet – and noticeably clean – with approximately 1,400 inmates at last count.

(Editor’s note: This article is the second in a series about the Northwest Detention Center, located on the Tacoma Tideflats and home to up to 1,575 detainees. Last week’s edition covered the City Council’s concerns about the privately managed facility and its temporary moratorium against potential expansion, although none are planned. Next week will give voice to former detainees and those who comfort them during and after their detention. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials provided the tour with the ground rules that no recognizable photos of detainees or staff would be taken. The tour otherwise included anywhere and everywhere.)

The halls, common areas and… Read More


Good times at Lincoln High – for students, staff and principal Pat Erwin

By Larry LaRue

There was a book on Lincoln High School students, and a response every Lincoln teacher or administrator had heard when Patrick Erwin became the principal 13 years ago.
The book was, don’t invest in Lincoln students – they were not worth the time.
And the response?
“It was the ‘O’ response,” Erwin said. “Someone would ask one of our teachers where they worked, and… Read More

New University president looks like match made in Heaven

On Friday, March 23, the University of Puget Sound welcomed their newest president to the staff of educators, marking the 14th since the University's inception in 1888. This particular transition of power is a rare one to witness, especially since he is preceded by a mere 13 people serving in his… Read More


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Pothole Pig
Editorial Cartoon
ROCK ROYALTY. Among the legends that came out to honor Buck Ormsby Sunday were (in order of slides) Merrilee Rush, Jerry Miller, Billy Mac and Little Bill Engelhart.

Tacoma bids farewell to Northwest rock legend John ‘Buck’ Ormsby

Published in the Tacoma Weekly

John “Buck” Ormsby was among the most pivotal figures in the development of Northwest rock n' roll, first as a member of seminal Tacoma garage-rock bands Little Bill & The Bluenotes and the Fabulous Wailers, then as co-owner of Etiquette Records which released the first rock version of Richard Berry's “Louie Louie,” among the most iconic recordings in rock history.
So Ormsby's… Read More

SPACE ROCK. Peelanders Purple, Pink, Yellow and Green will take over Real Art Tacoma on Wednesday.
Punk “Power Rangers”

Things you can expect to experience at a Peelander-Z show: performers dressed in bright spandex for a look best described as “Power Rangers on acid;” high-octane punk tunes about cranky tigers, ninjas and tacos; front man Peelander-Yellow getting whacked with folding chairs and tossed headlong into bowling pins.
And – oh yeah – monsters. There will be monsters next Wednesday when the… Read More

BATTLE. Bellarmine senior Max Hilger (12) fights for the ball with Curtis senior Josh Lee.

Vikings put Lions on notice with upset win

By Justin Gimse

When you’ve got two schools that are less than five miles from one another, there’s a pretty good chance that there is a rivalry in the mix. However, for years the Bellarmine Prep Lions and the Curtis Vikings spent their time excelling within different leagues. While they met each other occasionally in the playoffs in various sports, the home and away action that builds a true rivalry between… Read More

Tacoma Rainiers roll out special game days

If the basement has recently flooded, it’s going to be hard to believe that the Tacoma Rainiers will be rolling out their home opener in less than two weeks. While we just got through the wettest winter pretty much in the history of modern man around Puget Sound, sports fans found solace in the… Read More


It’s Just Business: Exciting opportunities in China

By William Manzanares

Some fresh, new opportunities are coming to light for local small businesses via World Trade Center Tacoma. Rising on the foundation of Tacoma’s longtime sister city relationship with Fuzhou, China, and thanks to changes in government policy in that country, doors are beginning to open in China for Tacoma entrepreneurs to engage in cross-border business-to-business and business-to-consumer e-commerce.… Read More

What is your dream job?

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney

What is your dream job? Have you ever asked yourself this question? I ask this question in all of the interviews for employment that I conduct. I do this because I truly want… Read More

Our view: It’s about time

Tacoma City Council took a long-overdue, albeit also small, step toward showing that the community consternation around proposals and activities on the tideflats should get some attention – and, dare we say, forward thinking and vision.
The council has asked the city’s Planning Commission… Read More